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Steve Sweeney For Governor

Because New Jersey is worth fighting for.

About Steve

I was a union ironworker for years, up on the steel, constructing buildings around New Jersey.

But I became a public servant after our baby, Lauren, was born prematurely, with Down Syndrome. That turned my world upside down, and being Lauren’s dad made me a better person.

Eventually, I became Senate President, serving everyone in New Jersey.

I passed a fair minimum wage, indexed, so that if costs go up, pay goes up. I expanded paid family leave, so families come first when that’s most important. I passed laws protecting marriage equality and women’s reproductive freedom.

And I helped New Jersey accomplish a lot for people with disabilities, in education, in jobs and training, in healthcare.

But much more needs to be done – the fight isn’t over. If you want to, you should be able to work with dignity, buy a home, raise a family, care for loved ones and retire confidently – all in New Jersey.

That’s why I’m asking for your support in my campaign for governor. Because New Jersey is worth fighting for.

Steve Sweeney in New Jersey with voters

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